Enhancing the quality of life the pilates way Contact US


Enhancing the quality of life the pilates way Contact US


Enhancing the quality of life the pilates way Contact US


Enhancing the quality of life the pilates way Contact US


Enhancing the quality of life the pilates way Contact US


Joseph Pilates developed over 500 exercises and engineered the equipment from a hospital bed during his internship in the first world war. This equipment is designed specifically for all body capabilities. All exercises are executed with precision, control and breathing using the Power House (abdominal muscles).

Pilates stretches , strengthens and elongates the muscles promoting harmony and balance for people of all ages and physical conditions. Correcting posture and alignment using the mind to control the muscles (body mind connection). This focuses on the core postural muscles that keep the body balanced and are essential to support the spine, strengthening the deep torso muscles to alleviate and prevent back pain.

In short the Pilates method is a body conditioning workout for all. It elevates the mind as well as strengthens the body, stretching and toning the muscles to help support your frame. Strengthening the weak and challenging the strong. The Pilates method is for all. Age gracefully with bone boosting and blood pressure stabilising exercises.

Pilates and power House
Inner strength
Lengthening muscles
Alignment and posture
Technic and transformation
Energising and uplifting
Spinal strength and flexibility


Terri - owner & instructor

Fully equipped studio, inspirational one to one sessions designed specifically for your needs. Maximising strength and core stability whilst increasing flexibility.

Not only will you feel energised and uplifted, your posture will improve and you will leave the studio feeling centred, with a sense of well being and looking great.

Pilates definitely has a feel good factor. Fully equipped studio using the GRATZ Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels and Mat exercises with precision training.

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Terri - owner & instructor

My early career in modelling and TV advertising, along with being a busy mum, taught me the need to be healthy and fit in both mind and body. Regular exercise and taking care of body and spirit became a way of life and I hope is testified by my health and fitness today. During my modelling career, and because of the enjoyment and benefits I had received from regular exercise, I pursued a career in physical fitness instruction and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.

I became a teacher and did my training & certification in The New York Pilates Studio (Authentic Pilates) trained with the best teacher of teachers and masters in the world. Training hours in Philadelphia, London and New York and qualified in 2003 I have been a personal trainer for over 30 years. Certification in Physical Education Association and Royal Society of Arts.

For a better understanding of the body Certifications in Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher. Ambassador for Tropic Skincare Cosmetology in hair, beauty

Today, as a qualified Pilate’s instructor, I have a beautifully tranquil garden studio equipped with the finest machines from Gratz. The studio is private and very in touch with nature and designed to promote wellness and wellbeing, and provide the best in Pilate’s instruction. I go back to America throughout the year to continue my education and sometimes teach alongside some of the best in the business. I have an American colleague and teacher, also from the New York (Authentic Pilates), who joins me during the holidays at my studio in Virginia Water.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about what I do. Pilates has become a way of life for me and its health benefits are, in my opinion, second to none. With regular instruction you will look good, feel good and have a greater sense of wellbeing, and my hope is that I will share that with you.



Treatments available at Authentic Pilates. For more information please contact us.


Exercises for physical strength, flexibility, posture and mental awareness.


Deep tissue and traction to muscles, joints and head to relieve tension and pain.


Massage on the feet, hands and head linking to the body to relieve tension and treat illness.


Aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to assist with healing and for cosmetic purposes.


Channelling energy to activate the natural healing process and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Here are a few photographs showing the various exercises and what each one achieves.

  • Reformer/short box series/stretch/flexibility/range of motion


    Reformer/short box series/stretch/flexibility/range of motion.

  • Reformer/long stretch series/core strength


    Reformer/long stretch series/core strength.

  • Reformer/short box series/Rounded/core strength


    Reformer/short box series/Rounded/core strength.

  • Cadillac/shoulder rolldown/articulate spine/core strength


    Cadillac/shoulder rolldown/articulate spine/core strength.

  • Cadillac/Monkey/hamstrings/core strength/opening lower back


    Cadillac/Monkey/hamstrings/core strength/opening lower back.

  • Reformer/long stretch series/streamlining the body/core strength


    Reformer/long stretch series/streamlining the body/core strength.

  • Reformer/mermaid/core strength/oblique strengthening


    Reformer/mermaid/core strength/oblique strengthening.

  • Cadillac/Hanging pull up/final strengthening and stretching


    Cadillac/Hanging pull up/final strengthening and stretching.

  • Reformer/short box series/tree/reaching/flexibility


    Reformer/short box series/tree/reaching/flexibility.

  • Reformer/short box series/range of motion/flexibility


    Reformer/short box series/range of motion/flexibility.

  • Cadillac/hamstring stretches


    Cadillac/hamstring stretches.

  • Reformer/front splits/alignment and balance/core strength


    Reformer/front splits/alignment and balance/core strength.

  • Reformer/hip flexer stretch/range of motion


    Reformer/hip flexer stretch/range of motion.

  • Reformer/short box series/mermaid/oblique and full body stretch


    Reformer/short box series/mermaid/oblique and full body stretch.

  • Reformer/short box series/flexibility and posture/back exercise


    Reformer/short box series/flexibility and posture/back exercise.

  • Wunda chair/pull up/core strength


    Wunda chair/pull up/core strength.

  • Reformer/long box series/horseback/control/ balance/core strength


    Reformer/long box series/horseback/control/ balance/core strength.

  • Reformer/rowing series/shaving/core strength/triceps


    Reformer/rowing series/shaving/core strength/triceps.

  • Talking on the cadillac with client


    Talking on the cadillac with client.

  • Reformer/short box series/core strength/flexibility


    Reformer/short box series/core strength/flexibility.

  • Inside the studio


    Inside the studio.

  • Entrance to the studio


    Entrance to the studio.

  • Fountain in the studio garden


    Fountain in the studio garden.

  • The studio garden


    The studio garden.

What people say

Our Clients
Vicky Crockford

I met Terri 5 weeks after my hip replacement operation earlier this year 2018. I had never done Pilates but it was suggested by nurse when I had the op, best thing I ever did, she was so knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring, she gave the confidence, little by little, increased my strength, flexibility, freedom of movement, taking away my fear. This is very Important to me, being a very sporty person. She has made me strong and believe in myself and I can only recommend her so highly, one word Brilliant! so glad that I found her. She loves to help people and see them progress, which is exactly what she has done for me.

Our Clients
Lynne Wright

Terri has been an inspiration to me regarding keeping my body in shape, puts me at ease and always making me laugh. Improving my posture, flexibility, strength and balance. Terri’s studio is always very clean, fully equipped with Reformers, Cadillac and Wunda Chair.Terri is also doing 90 minute Massage/Reflexology/Aromatherapy/Head Massage/Traction and she is also a Reiki Master (Healing Hands).I’ve had massages all over the world and hers are by far the best.

Our Clients
Kate, Virginia Water

I suffer from lower back pain, but since 2013, when Terri became my Pilates instructor I have experienced an enormous difference to the way that I feel and move. Every session with Terri re-aligns me and leaves me ready for the day. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Our Clients
Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon concerning his client Mr S.

Clinically he has much improved strength and balance so that he was able to walk through the clinic without the need for a stick. Balance has certainly improved and I can't fault him in terms of neurological function in the lower limbs. His wound is well healed and radiologically his lumbar spine is on excellence position with very good signs of solid fusion and Michael does not need my care on a regular basis now.

Our Clients
Bridget, Virginia Water

Saved from back surgery! After only a few weeks I felt a great improvement in my abdominal strength, my movements became less timid (the fear of another disc episode had been constantly on my mind) and my flexibility started coming back again. Now after five month working with Terri, I am almost free of back pain and feel stronger than ever. Pilates has also helped me to finally heal a separation of my rectus abdominis muscle which I had since my last pregnancy (8 years ago!!). A big toast to Terri and the ‘Frogs’ (one of Terri’s favorite exercises :0) !

Our Clients
Patricia Gucci

Pilates has been the best form of exercise I have ever experienced.In the short term, whilst I work out I focus and breathe on every movement which enables me to re balance my energies. I feel more relaxed as well as energised. Terri customises her knowledge to each individual for their personal needs in an insightful and caring way that sets her apart from anyone else. Above all we have a lot of laughs which makes it a fun. Terri is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Clients
Caroline G, Richmond

Pilates has been a revelation! Not only has Terri fixed my recurring back pain, she has also helped me change my body shape and tone up in places I didn’t know I had. A fantastic teacher and a fantastic person.

Our Clients
Ms RH, Chobham

When I heard about Terri I had despaired of ever getting my lower back pain fixed (I had slipped a disc a couple of years previously, and nothing I tried had worked). Within three months Terri had cured me permanently, and in the process I became much more streamlined… around my waist and over my hips, bum and thighs. My posture improved, too. I continue to go to Terri regularly once a week, and have remained a size 12 ever since.

Our Clients
Priti N, Sunninghill

I went to Terri over two years ago with an ongoing back problem. After three children and some complications I would regulary resort to pain killers and a back belt. Today, I can tell the world that I rarely touch the nurofen and feel fitter and stronger than I did fifteen years ago. Pilates has balanced my posture and enhanced my inner strenght as it claims to do. Terri's extensive knowledge and experience with individual needs is priceless!

Our Clients
Sudha, Sunningdale

My daughter took me to Terri at my age of 55. Having worked with Terri, I realised that we do not have to accept slight knee pains at part of growing old. The private and tranquil studio along with Terri's vibrant spirit provides the perfect setting for mind and body for all of us, young and old alike.

Our Clients
Pauline H, Virginia Water

Following a recommendation from a back surgeon to have an operation to cure my ongoing sciatica and ruptured discs OR to do Pilates, being a coward I opted for the latter! At the time I didn’t even know what Pilates was, but was delighted to discover that I had an Authentic Pilates Studio just around the corner. I have had 2 sessions a week for 3 years now and I feel totally transformed, my fear of exercise due to back pain has totally disappeared! Thank you Terri, for making it fun and your continued encouragement and patience!


Price guide for the pilates sessions and available treatments. For more information please contact us.

£ 65.00
1½ hours
  • Introductory Session
11 Sessions
55 minutes each
  • 10 Sessions get 1 free
Duet Sessions
bring a friend
  • Session for two people
£ 105.00
90 minutes
All prepaid sessions are non refundable
24 hour cancellation notice or payment in full

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